Communication and Collaboration Tools: Day 2

So – you’ve chosen a tool from Monday’s list or you’ve found one on your own. Below is a link to what everyone is working on.  Now you just need to create a commercial about your tool.

Step One:

Talk with others in the class who are learning the same tool as you. What did they discover? What are they planning to highlight in their commercial?  Is this person someone you’d like to partner up with for this project? It’s not too late to do this assignment with a classmate.

Step Two:

Plan what you are going to include in your commercial.  You’re selling a product and teaching us a little about it – more like an infomercial.  Here’s an example that does a great job of making me want the product and giving me all kinds of ideas for how to use it (and it’s a huge bargain that will change your life!!)

But no one did infomercials as well as Billy Mays.

But if you grew up in the ’70′s and ’80′s you always wished your mom would order these.

But wait, there’s more!!!  See Time’s list of 25 best/worst infomercials. To help you think about the Jing commercials we will be creating, here is an example from Adam’s Portfolio.

As a class we’ll discuss what should go in your commercial and what the requirements are. We’ll post them here.

Spend some time planning out your commercial:

  • What are the main topics/features of your tool that you need to cover?
  • How can you make the tool exciting for you audience?
  • Who is your audience anyway?

Step Three: Learn to use Jing. With the free version you can only record 6 minutes or less. We want to stick to less than 2 minutes.  You’ll likely want to test out Jing a few times to make sure everything is recording properly. Some of you may be more adventurous and want more editing capabilities. You can download a 30 day free trial of Camtasia, but you will want to make sure to view the tutorials and it may take longer to get to know the program.

You can have your tool as the screen image the entire time you are talking about the tool or you can have some PowerPoint slides or other images to use along with the actual tool. If you’re absent from class today (or just need a refresher) view Jing tutorials here.

For Wednesday:

1. Monday will be a workday for you or your group to work independently on the commercial. This classroom will be available and I will be here from 9:05-9:55 to help.

2. Review the requirements for your commercial (from the class document). Also view Adam’s commercial if you’d like to see an example.

3. Create your commercial with Jing. When you are finished, create a new page on your website called, “Communication and Collaboration.”  On that webpage, write a short description of your tool, provide a link to your tool, and provide a link to your Jing commercial.  A screenshot of your commercial would be great, too (and you can use Jing to create the screenshot!) If you’d rather capture a screenshot, like we did with Floor Planner, see our how to take a screen shot.

***Very important. Check out this video for saving your video via Screencast.

Just for fun – this is the best infomercial ever!


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