SMART Board Boot Camp

Are you Ready?

Today we are going to learn about many of the possibilities in the Smart Notebook software. You don’t actually have to be connected to a Smart Board to use the software. This is great for teaching, because you can create your files away from the classroom.

Go ahead and open the file, Boot Camp Lesson.

This is a large file and make take a moment to download on your computer. You can choose to complete the boot camp on your own or work with a partner in class. You may find it helpful (and even fun) to work with someone on this. I’ll gather us back as a group towards the end of class to share what we have learned (or questions we may have). Feel free to ask for my help.


What do you think? What questions do you still have? Can you imagine making a Smart lesson for your grade level and subject area? What are your ideas at this point?

For Friday

Go ahead and figure out the grade level and lesson you are interested in teaching. Bring these ideas with you for Friday. You don’t have to have every detail worked out, but the more you plan for Friday’s workday, the more you will be able to accomplish within the SMART software.

This Friday and next Monday will be workdays. Most workdays are optional, but I’d like to see you all on both days to make sure you’re getting the support you need, from me and your peers. We will plan to present these on Wednesday, March 28 and possibly Friday, March 30 if we need more time for presentations.

In case you are absent, here are some details about the SMART Lesson. You are basically creating a lesson in the SMART Notebook software program. This lesson needs to state the learning goals/objectives on the first or second slide. After that, you are free to create a lesson for students. Try to focus on how you can make the lesson interactive for students. We will talk about more specifics on Friday.



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