SMART Board Work Day 1

Finish Bootcamp

We started SMART Bootcamp on Wednesday. Please take about 15-20 minutes to finish seeing all the options available to you when creating SMART Notebook files. Towards the end of the bootcamp, you can learn how to set the properties of images and text (such as covering, pull tabs, etc.) to make them work for you. Here is a link to the Boot Camp Lesson.


What do you think? What questions do you still have? Can you imagine making a Smart lesson for your grade level and subject area? What are your ideas at this point?

Work Time

Go ahead and start working on your lesson. I have included the tutorials and resources on this page for reference. I’m here to help and your peers are here for you as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or feedback on your lesson.

Smart Tutorials

I made both a Mac Smart Tutorial and a PC Smart Tutorial – very similar – for you to refer back to or search for helpful information. There are also other resources you may want to check out:

Smart Resources 1

Smart Resources 2 (This is my favorite place to search for existing files)

Smart Resources 3

Smart Resources 4

Please refer back to these as often as necessary throughout the next week or so.

For Monday:

Monday is an optional work day. We will continue working on SMART Board lessons. We will plan to share these Wednesday in class.




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