Show What You Know


Before getting started, let’s talk about the structure of your Google Site.

Navigation Bar Settings

Many of you are probably wondering why your pages are showing up in alphabetical order rather than the order you intentionally designed. Because we want to create ease in navigation on the site, it is important to organize our navigation bar. Watch this quick video to learn how to change the page order on your Google Site. The order that we have been talking about is as follows:

  • Author Introduction (video)
  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know
  • Apply (Finding a Career)
  • Parent/Teacher Letter

You may have chosen slightly different titles to describe you pages and that is perfectly fine.

Show What You Know

Earlier I asked you to think about the end product before deciding on the exploration activities for your students. This way you are planning with the end in mind. So what makes a good student product? What are you having students do as part of their adventure? Is it meaningful or busywork? Are they using critical thinking and problem solving skills or just repeating facts? Keep these questions in mind as you create this part of your project.

The rubric states, “This is the product – after they’ve learned about the topic, what can students create to show what they’ve learned and/or to learn more about the topic? This will be a creative endeavor – not a worksheet or research paper. In addition, how will students share their final product with you?”

Check out this Beginning with the End in Mind website to see how you may think about designing the end product that students will work on. It may also help to see what former students have designed for this section. Check out this example – notice this student created the “Show what you know” in his “Figure It Out” section. He then created a page for how students will submit their work on the “Show What You Know” page. You can choose to include this information on one page to consolidate and just title it “Show What You Know.”

For Monday

Make sure your group has completed the following sections be Monday:

  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know

On Monday (April 16), we will work on both the Finding a Career and Parent Teacher Letter portion of the project. You can preview some examples of the next steps by viewing a former student’s Finding a Career page and viewing their Parent Teacher Letter.

We will also start an outline for the author introductory video. Then on Wednesday (April 18), we will start planning and possibly recording the author introductory video. You can check out this example video to help you think ahead.


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