Learning Adventure Presentations

Today is presentation day! I’ve included a link to the course evaluation in case you haven’t completed it yet. You can wait until Friday (when we are having class from home).

Course Evaluation

I’ve set up the course evaluation form and you can access it here. You’re basically asked to log in from a screen that looks like this:

Then you will click on the “course evaluation” as shown below. You should see the form for EDIT 2000.


Food sign up chart here. (See what other people are bringing here.)

Monday, April 23

Lauren Webb and Emily LoBianco
France at a Glance

Alisa Moran, Kelly Shay, Irvin Sanchez, and Taylor Patton
JUMP Into Action

Chloe Robbins, Katie Hudson, Keisha Spates, and Kay Miller
Why Does it Rain?

Wednesday, April 25

Lance Martin, Ty Frix, Luke Crumley, and Greg Bingham

Kendell Miller and Rebecca Benson
From Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Maggie Hofmann, Kara Ryker, Ellyn Kievet, and Jamie Mitchell
A Rainforest Adventure

For Friday, April 27:

Make sure you complete the course evaluation and update your Google Site homepage from what you hope to learn to what you have learned this semester.


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