Sharing Our Google Sites and Introduction to Blogging

Finishing up websites

Do you have any questions about your website? Keep in mind that we will work on these websites all semester. There is plenty of time to make changes and improvements. We were unable to finish creating our sites last Friday. Let’s take some time to continue.

*For the 10:10 class, let’s talk about the scavenger hunt for a few minutes first.

Make sure that your website includes:

  • HomePage
    • Picture of you
    • Short description or list of what you would like to learn this semester
  • About Me Page
    • 2-3 pictures
    • 2-3 links to relevant websites
    • 2-3 paragraphs about you
  • Blog Postings Page and link to your home page.
    • Today we’ll link to our learning story
    • For Wednesday, we will also create a post in response to the reading

Blog Postings

We didn’t talk much last week about criteria for a well crafted blog posting. Let’s take a few minutes and brainstorm future criteria for future postings. Additionally, what advantages do you see in blogging versus sending responses directly to the instructor? Who is your audience?

“Chalk Talk”:

This is a silent way of contributing to a class discussion. Draw lines to connect to classmates’ ideas and words to elaborate or express your ideas. You can come to the board more than once.

Sharing Google Sites

Fill out this form so I can access your website.

Let’s spend a few minutes sharing our About Me pages.

For Wednesday

1. Finish your Home, About Me, and Blog Postings pages. We will continue to share these on Wednesday. (If you need a reminder, watch the YouTube video  demonstrating what we did in class Friday and today. Make sure to paste your Chapter 1 response to your Blog Postings page.

Respond to one of the following questions. You can also choose to respond to the reading with your own wonderings or questions. These questions are just a guide. In addition, you will find other relevant questions on pages 17-18 in the handout. This does not need to be a long response – a “reflective” and “engaging” paragraph is fine. 

    • What is your theory of learning? From your perspective, how do people learn? What are the important processes?
    • Which of the skills described in this chapter are most important to you as an educator? Which are most important to comprehending and being able to apply ideas in your discipline?

2. Make sure to share your site address with me. Once I receive everyone’s site address, I’ll make these accessible on our 9:05 and 10:10 class blogs.

3. Start thinking about what audience you’ll be creating activities for this semester. What grade level: PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12? Are you interested in science, speech therapy, special education, mathematics, history . . .?



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