Creating a Blog Site

From a Technology Integration Textbook

Before we get started, click on the photo to the left (to enlarge it). I’d like us to think critically about what it means to be a “21st century classroom” this semester. Is this it?

Wrap up from Monday

Creating Learning Environments: Let’s take a moment to make sure everyone is able to attach/insert a screen shot on your page.

Would anyone like to share their page? Also, just to remind you, you should now have your digital generation reflection complete. I know we are completing a lot of assignments towards the beginning of the semester, but later our projects will last almost 2 weeks. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you at this point in the course.

Blogging Survey

Before we get started with class today, pleases complete this Blogging Survey. We will review the results for our class when everyone is finished.

We have been blogging in response to the class readings on our Google Site. Unfortunately, Google Sites does not allow others to comment unless they are given site permissions. Why might this be problematic?If blogging allows us to write and receive comments from the global community, we need a platform that allows this type of activity. Maybe Google Sites will change the way they manage permissions, but for now let’s explore another option.

WordPress OR Blogger

Last semester, students created WordPress sites for blogging. I was going to have you guys do this as well, but in the past few weeks I discovered Blogger and feel it is MUCH easier to use, especially inserting photos and video. Today, we’ll be setting up our blog sites. It you already use WordPress and want to use this tool for EDIT 2000, I am absolutely okay with this. I can support you in both choices. In fact, here is a link to videos on helping you with WordPress. I know WordPress has a slight learning curve, but I think this is a Web 2.0 tool that can benefit all of you long after you finish this course. See WordPress vs Blogger  comparing the two sites.

For those of you new to blogging, I think Blogger is going to be an easier first step. Let’s also watch an introductory video for that. In addition, Blogger seems to be an easy blog site to use, manage – above all, it’s now tied in with your GMail account. I’ve considered having each of us create a Tumblr blog, but similar to Google Site, the comment feature is absent.

Today, we will be setting up a site. Similar to when we created our Google Sites, I’d like you all to help your classmates if you see them frantically searching for that “hidden” button. I’ll also create a “How To” tab for reference outside of class. This one will be specific to WordPress because of the greater learning curve. For Blogger, the interface should remind you of Google Sites.

Go ahead and open WordPress or Blogger to get started. Let’s explore a few of these functions to help you blog.

  • setting up site
  • creating a post
  • altering font size
  • inserting a photo
  • creating a link
  • inserting video
  • categorize your postings
  • personalizing your profile

What else would you like to learn?

Transfer Blog Postings from your Google Site

Now that you have a WordPress/Blogger site, go ahead and try to copy and paste your posts from your Google Site to WordPress/Blogger. In addition, please complete this form now so that I can make a class list of blog sites. When I have everyone’s site, I’ll post them on our blog so that we can access these easily.

For Friday:

1. Finish creating your blogging site and copy and pasting your Google Site blog postings. If you haven’t completed this form, do so now so that I can make a class list of  sites. When I have everyone’s site, I’ll post them on our blog so that we can access these easily.

FYI – Monday is a holiday (so we are not having class). In addition, we will not be meeting face-to-face on Friday, September 7. I’ll also remind you next week.


Wikipedia: week definition: any of a series of 7-day cycles used in various calendars; ”’especially”’.


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