Digital Storytelling Presentations

Your digital stories are due today – they should be linked (or attached) to your Creativity and Innovation page. You should also include a short description of your story on that page. We’ll watch as many as we have time for in class today.

On Friday, I was going to start a Smart Notebook project with you guys. Instead, I’m going to try something new – a creativity contract where you will have a lot more choice over your learning (and how you show this). I will still take time during class to show you how to create SmartBoard files, but this won’t be a required project. If you are curious about the creativity contract, check out a Google site I’ve created (warning: still under revision). If we have some time today, I’d like to get feedback from you guys about any changes you’d like to make to the project. I’m VERY open to suggestions. The Creativity Contract projects will be due Friday, October 26 (or Monday October 29 with a late pass).

If you were really looking forward to starting SmartBoard lesson creating, you are welcome to download the software and start some of the tutorials on their site. You can download here with the key code: NB-AEASY-BIPK6-9GJBH-CEB2M. I’ll be updating the above Google Site with more tutorials for the SmartBoard as well.


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