Author Introductory Videos

You and your group should have completed the following sections of you project:

  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know
  • Apply (Finding a Career)
  • Parent Teacher Letter

Record Videos

In your video you will want to tell about yourself and why you choose this topic. Check out some of these example videos from former student projects:

We have made videos for past projects, but you can access past tutorials and information below.

Directions for uploading videos

To upload to your YouTube account, you can look at these directions.

I also made a video for uploading and embedding on your Google Site.


Edit your project – make any needed revisions. (You can use the e-mail “” on your site for students to send their work).

Although Friday is an optional workday, I’m asking that anyone who needs to make up an absence or correct past assignments (this is shown in yellow in your Google “Drive” grade document) attend class this day. I will not have the opportunity to support you one on one after this week as the last week of class is full with presentations. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I will be submitting grades as soon as December 1.

For the Last Week

In addition to presentations, you will be asked to take a course survey. You will also be asked to edit your Google Site Home Page, changing what you hope to learn this semester to what you feel you have learned over the course of the semester.


9:05 Food sign up chart here. (See what other people are bringing here.)

10:10 Food sign up chart here. (see what other people are bringing here.)

Presentation Order: 9:05 Class

Monday, November 26

Kyle Carter: The Basics of Basketball

Casey Everett: How do People Express Themselves through Art?

Annsley Harrington: NA

Wednesday, November 28

Brantley Black, Molly Swindall, Kathleen Perkins, and John Collins: The History and Culture of Thanksgiving

Brooke Cox, Alex Lanz, and Honey Campbell: Christmas Preparations

Friday, November 30

Geri Ann Glasco and Katie Browne: How to Teach People with Intellectual Disabilities Life Skills

Jennifer Bridges and Katie Crowe: An Adventure in Scotland!

Presentation Order: 10:10 Class

Monday, November 26

Leslie Brandon, Sarah Paul, Kim Adams, and Kaitlyn Berry: Disney World Done Right

Sara Schuster, Christine Olney, Madison Brett, and Dani Marchesini: Adjusting to Different Cultures

Wednesday, November 28

Ashley Ray, Allen Stripling, Dallas Lee, Cornelius Washington, Julian Lavender, and Lee McCoy: What Makes a Healthy Marriage?

Kristin Emerick and Stephanie Arnett: Recycle Me!

Friday, November 30

Jessica Viller, Victoria Hogue, and Jessica King: Keeping PE in Schools

Joey Zhao: NA

Project Schedule (Looking Ahead)

11/16 – Workday for your group to finalize the Learning Adventure

11/19 – 11/23 – Thanksgiving Holiday

11/26 – 11/30 – Learning Adventures Showcase (Final Group Presentations) – I love this week!!! Plan to bring food!!!


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