Getting to Know Each Other and EDIT 2000 – Scavenger Hunt

If today is your first day of class – please view the blog post from Monday (click on Monday’s date (1/7) on the calendar to the right.)

Your “Learning Story” is due at the beginning of class today.

Today we have three main goals:

  • Discuss how we learn best
  • Describe effective participation
  • Learn about the resources available in this building

Answer any Syllabus Questions

Hopefully you have read over the class syllabus. We will discuss attendance, grades, and assignments in class today then answer any questions that you still have. Go ahead and pull up the syllabus on your laptop.

Part One: Learning How We Learn

Before we share our learning stories, let’s take a moment and look at the student information form results for our class.

Hopefully, you’re getting a better understanding of what our course is about. We’ll be looking at technology “in your life” and “in your classroom”. The more you find ways to personally apply what you learn in our class, the more you will reap the benefits of your new knowledge.

So – how do you learn? Before today’s class, you wrote a story about a time that you learned how to do something. I decided to write a learning story as well and published it as a blog. We’ll be publishing ours sometime next week. As a class, we’ll share what we learned and how we learned it. Did your motivation to learn the skill affect how quickly you learned it? Did you utilize some type of learning tool to acquire the skill? Do you still possess the skill? If you were to teach someone this same skill – would you teach him or her the same way? What does any of this have to do with technology in your life and in your future classroom?

Guiding Questions:

  • What did you write about?
  • Who wrote about something you really wanted to learn?
  • Who wrote about something you had to learn?
  • Who wrote about a time you taught yourself something?
  • Who learned something you never thought you would be able to do?
  • Did anybody write about doing something when you were younger?

Part Two: Class Participation

Participation is 10% of your grade in this course and it is not based solely on attendance. Just showing up for class isn’t enough.

What should participation look like? What gets in the way of participating? How can a class be structured so that it’s easy to participate?  How is participation viewed differently from a teacher/student perspective? Why does this matter in a technology course?

Take a minute or two to talk with your group about the questions above – pick a spokesperson to briefly discuss 2 or 3 main points from your conversation to the class.

Part Three: Aderhold Scavenger Hunt

Let’s start with a scavenger hunt in order to learn the tools and resources available in this building. There are many resources available in this building and at this university generally. Students may go a whole semester never knowing about many valuable support staff, software, hardware and more. In assigned groups, complete the scavenger hunt. Return to class within 15 minutes to discuss.

For Friday (Homework):

1. Make sure you have some pictures in Facebook or on a USB drive that you will want to use on your autobiography page for your web-based portfolio. We will start working on these in class Friday. If you want to view some videos to get a head start, you can find these under the how to tab at the top or click on this link for the specific page containing the tutorials.
2. If this is your first day of class, be sure to view the blog post from Monday, January 7.
3. Read Handout (Meaningful Learning Ch 1) by 1/16. You can download the .pdf by clicking on the link or sign up for Dropbox using the twitter link (look for the twitter message to the right). We will talk about this more next week, but I plan to keep readings in Dropbox in the future, once I have everyone’s email address and am able to share the reading folder with you.


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