Inventive Thinking

Creative Activity from Monday

I asked you to do something creative during our regular class time Monday. Let’s share: What did you do? Post your creative activity to the Wallwisher.

*If you ever want to use Wallwisher, you can easily build a wall to share with others. You simply share the unique URL with a group or class.

School Kills Creativity – Ken Robinson

Let’s watch this video of Ken Robinson talking about schools killing creativity.

Upcoming Project: Digital Storytelling

Your next project will be a digital storytelling project (using iMovie or MovieMaker Live) – due March 6, 2013. After watching the Ken Robinson video, is there an aspect of creativity you would like to explore further and maybe share with others? Maybe you’re a budding guitar player and want to show someone else how to play a song. Check out Casey Everett’s video below to see. Here’s a description of the upcoming project.


Here’s a video showing Audrianna, a previous student, solving the rubiks cube.


Inventive Thinking

Let’s complete an activity in small groups to see how creative we are.
1. Brainstorm problems that are pretty universal to all UGA students taking spring semester classes.
2. Select one problem to work on.
3. Think of as many ideas as you can to solve the problem.
4. Use some of these creativity strategies: combine, rearrange, adapt, reverse, substitute, modify, magnify, and minimize to improve your ideas. Here’s a list that might help you with this process.
5. Choose the best idea and create your object. Be ready to advertise your solution to the class.
Note: if you enjoy exercises in creativity, you might enjoy Alan Black’s Creativity Challenges.

For Friday:

Read pages 12-17 of this Learning and Leading May 2011. Write a blog post (due Friday) responding to the following questions.

1. What are the four dimensions that J.P. Guilford used to describe creativity?
2. With which of the four dimensions do you struggle the most? Provide details as to why/how this dimension is difficult for you.
3. Think about all of the tools we’ve learned about in class so far. Select a tool and describe how it might help with two or more of the four dimensions of creativity.
4. Spend 10-15 minutes exploring one of the creativity tools listed in the chart on p. 14 in the article. Make sure not to choose a tool you’ve used before. How could that tool be used to support creativity in your chosen grade/subject area?

For Monday

After the reading above, I’m not going to assign additional readings for our creativity and innovation unit. Instead, I’m going to ask you all to create a series of creative blog postings (and then read/view/watch) your classmate’s postings. This means I’m expected each of you to “create” images, post videos, or write around the theme of creativity and innovation. Plan to post something by Monday and we’ll talk more about this ongoing “reading” assignment.

In case you’re the type that wants more guidance, maybe start by responding to Ken Robinson’s talk, find another video to share, post a photo to your blog – you could even try this free editing tool to “spice up” your photo.

In addition to posting, start looking at your classmate’s blogs, continuing to follow the two blogs (educational and personal). On Friday we’ll talk more about the expectations for this ongoing ‘reading.’


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