Digital Storytelling Project Workday 2

Today is a project workday. Gretchen will be here to help you with your digital storytelling project. Remember if you are not in class (or if you are) that your project is due the Wednesday, March 6. See below for directions on submitting your story.

Directions for Submitting Work

Here are the directions for submitting your work. Please make sure NOT to wait until the last minute!!

  1. Create a Creativity and Innovation page on either your Google site or WordPress site.
  2. On that page, write a short description of your story.
  3. Follow these exporting directions:

Here’s how to add your video to your Creativity and Innovation page (it depends on what tool you chose):

iMovie and MovieMaker: Follow these directions (iMovie is similar to Movie Maker – these will be in the files from Ron) to upload your movie to YouTube.

Then, copy the url for your movie in YouTube, open your digital storytelling page, select “Insert” from the dropdown menu, then select “YouTube video” and paste the YouTube url in the provided textbox. This will embed your movie directly on your digital storytelling page.

You’ll use original still images or video that you’ve captured for your story. If you want to use photos from the internet, make sure you are using creative commons images that allow you to copy and use. Cite your sources if you are using them from other locations. If you don’t have access to a digital camera or video camera and you’re in the Athens area, you can check them out from OIT in ROOM 232, Aderhold. The checkout is for 5 days and you’ll need your Student ID to sign them out.

Digital Stories are due Wednesday, March 6.

I’ll be asking for volunteers to bring in food. If you want to bring in food, you can sign up here and see what others are bringing as well.


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