Creativity Contract Day 2

Welcome Back!!!

Let’s take a moment to talk about last week.

Athens, GA view of Washington and Pulaski October, 2012 (Keri Valentine)

If You Were Absent Friday…

  • Please complete the form responding to the question, What is meaningful learning with technology? It may seem confusing, but select the Friday 10:00 class. 
  • Here’s the link to the survey where you tell me what projects you’ve selected.

Creativity Contracts

One of the most important parts of your contract is the individual documentation you will create for each project. Please keep in mind that your projects will not be graded without documentation. Here is the description of documentation from the Creativity Contract website:

An important part of a learning contract is the documentation of your work: learnings, frustrations, successes, etc. In order to document your progress, you will need to write about your experience with each project. You can record your documentation in many ways: on a blog, in a Word document attached to your Creativity and Innovation page, or any other way you might choose. You will be expected to “post” at least one documentation entry for each project you select.

You will also be expected to include references to items you read related to the topic of your project. For example, if your project is on brainstorming – you’ll want to spend some time researching the idea of brainstorming and share what you learned within your documentation. Readings can come from popular media, professional trade journals, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Make sure to have a mix of sources and cite your sources (using APA style – we don’t use MLA in the College of Education).

So, where do you go to find these readings? All over the place! You can certainly do a Google search on your topic, but there are some targeted searches you can do that will get you better results.

  • If you explored/followed blogs throughout the semester – you might find something on one of these that you followed.
  • Edutopia is a wonderful place to read more about K-12 technology-related topics.
  • Galileo is a great place to search a useful educational technology journal called “Learning and Leading with Technology”. Go to this link (you might need to login if you’re off-campus) and select “Full text available via EBSCO Host Education Research Complete”. When the new window opens, click “New Search” in the top left corner. Type in your search term: creativity, video, games, digital photography, blogging, etc. and in the “Limit your Search” section, type the name of the publication: Learning and Leading with Technology.  Try not to choose any articles more than 3 years old.
  • Mashable is a great place to look for business-related information, specifically related to social media: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • David Pogue reports on all things technology related in a blog for the New York Times.

You can use the APA Citation Generator to . . . well, generate your citation. Take particular note of the directions the generator gives you in red below some of the text boxes as you enter in information. It will give you hints about punctuation, capitalization, etc. I find myself citing work almost daily and use Zotero to insert citations and bibliographies into my work. This program is relatively easy to use and I am here to help you get started.

Here’s the link to the Creativity Contract website.  Here’s the link to the survey where you tell me what projects you’ve selected (you should have already filled this out, but just in case).

More about Interactive Whiteboards

Friday we took a brief look at interactive whiteboards and talked about how they might be used in learning activities. Let’s take a look at the Creativity Contract Page for more information and many examples/templates for creating a Smart Notebook Lesson.

Remember: download the software. After it loads, you can the key code: NB-AEASY-BIPK6-9GJBH-CEB2M.


1. Start at least one project before Wednesday’s class – you may only have a portion completed if you are working on one of the higher point projects.

2. Email me if you have questions about any projects.


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