Creativity Contract – Day 5

I hope you all had a great weekend and found Friday’s work time productive. For reference, you can access the Creativity and Innovation Contract page.


Today, I want to show you all a few formatting tips in Excel, a program many of you expressed interest in learning this semester. I’ll admit that I am far from being an expert user of Excel, but there are a few tricks I learned that has made this program work for my uses as a way of keeping track of data.

There are some great tutorials for learning how to use excel – for example:

I made this video to show you some of the features I find myself frequently using in Excel:

Formatting in Excel 2011

Formulas in Excel 2011

What are some ways you could see yourself using Excel in your Creativity Project? What about Google Forms or the Google version of Excel?


Wednesday will be the last day to work in the labs on your Creativity and Innovation projects. These are due Friday, March 29. If you want to use a late pass, your project will be due Monday, April 1.


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