Creativity Contract – Day 6 (Last Lab Day)

Today is the last lab day for the Creativity Contract projects. Make sure to double-check the Creativity Contract website to ensure you are meeting all requirements for your projects.

Since this is our last day, I want to make sure you have plenty of time to have any questions addressed. I plan to check in with everyone, but will help those that are currently stuck on something first.


1. All parts of your Creativity Contract are due at the beginning of class on Friday, March 29. If you are using your late pass, all parts of your Creativity Contract are due at the beginning of class on Monday, April 1.

Starting FRIDAY:

Friday will be a VERY important class where we talk about your final project – if you miss this day for some reason, please read the blog posting and ask a classmate to bring you up to speed. If you want to read ahead, here’s a link to the rubric and you can see below for the tentative schedule wrapping up our semester.

3/29 – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Introduction

4/1 – Essential Questions

4/3 – Hooking Students (The Anticipatory Set)

4/5 – Creating a Graphic Organizer for Students

4/8 – Creating Exploration Activities for Students

4/10 – Creating ways for Students to Show What They Know

4/12 – Helping Students Find a Career/Parent-Teacher Letter

4/15 – Workday

4/17 – Author Introduction Videos

4/19 – Workday for your group to finalize the Learning Adventure

4/22 – 4/26 – Learning Adventures Showcase (Final Group Presentations) – I love this week!!! Plan to bring food!!!


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