Arranging the Google Site Navigation Bar

Sometimes you will want to add a page to your navigation bar or arrange the order of your pages. You may even want an easy way to create “sub” pages (or a page that is indented under a “parent” page). This can all be done by following these steps.

Step 1: Click Manage Site.

Step 2: Click ‘Site Layout’ on the left of the screen.

Step 3: Click ‘edit’

Step 4: Uncheck the “Automatically organize my navigation” box.

Step 5: Click ‘Add page’ if you need to add a page to the navigation bar. Sometimes you create a new page and it doesn’t show up in the navigation section automatically. After adding the page, it will then show up on this screen.

Step 6: You can use the arrows to arrange the page order. First, you click on the page you’d like to move, and then click the up/down arrows. The left/right arrows will indent pages to create hierarchy and connections among pages.

Step 7: Click ‘ok’ when you are finished arranging.


3 comments on “Arranging the Google Site Navigation Bar

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