Creativity and Innovation

Option 1:

  • Creativity and Innovation Tools – Digital storytelling as an exploration (Due March 6, 2013)

Project Requirements

You have several options for what your digital story might be:

1. An educational video for use in your subject/grade level.
2. A video that showcases a personal talent.
3. A commercial for your major.
4. A TED talk about something you are passionate about. (what is a TED talk?).

Here are some other details:

1. The video should tell a story – not simply instruct.
2. Your story needs a beginning, middle, and end.
3. It can be fiction or non-fiction.
4. You need to identify the age of your audience (within the story or preferably on your Creativity and Innovation webpage).
5. If you are writing fiction you need characters and conflict.
6. If you are writing nonfiction – your readers need to know why they should care about your topic.
7. Regardless of fiction or nonfiction – your reader should learn something.
8. The story will likely be 2-3 minutes long. Nothing bad happens if it’s a little shorter or a bit longer.

  • Creativity Contract – as implementation (Due March 29, 2013 )

Option 2:

  • Create your own plan (and product) for demonstrating your ability to explore “meaningful learning with technology,” with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. (Due March 6, 2013)
  • Creativity Contract – (Due March 29, 2013)

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