We will be reading from various web sources.

You will be expected to contribute to class discussions regarding the reading and also incorporate these ideas into your projects. You will be asked to talk with classmates about the readings in various online and classroom formats. As the semester progresses, we will decide as a class the best way to share our understandings, reactions, confusion, connections, etc. in regards to the readings.

Read by 1/16/2012: Meaningful Learning Ch 1


One comment on “Readings

  1. As a future teacher I place a lot of importance on communication and collaboration skills. Communicating is the foundation to living functionally in society. i need to articulate all of my thoughts so that my students can listen carefully to what I am saying. I will challenge them to use various types of communicating with their classmates and also with me. We use communication skills every day, but I have not seen importance placed on this skill in the classroom. I have experienced one sided communicating, which usually is the teacher talking at the students. All students should be able to communicate equally with one another and the teacher. As the diversity in the classroom changes there needs to be an increased emphasis on flexibility in communicating in multilingual settings. There needs to be a mutual understanding of what the goal is for the classroom as a whole.

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